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Roswell Adult Learning Center Volunteers

Previously awarded “Volunteer of the Year” for Georgia Parks and Recreation Association


Roswell Adult Learning Center Course Attendance













2016 121   Winter

2017 110   Winter

2018 70

2016 78   Spring

2017 106   Spring

2018 95

2016 47   Summer

2017 No Classes   Summer

2018 No Classes

2016 87   Fall

2017 43   Fall

2018 103

2016 333   Total






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Expanded Class Offerings - Volunteers Needed

Would you be willing to use your knowledge and skill to help your fellow seniors? If so, contact Don Hogan and join a great group of people helping other seniors. We have expanding our classes and we need more instructors and coaches.


Students say they could not do it without RALC:

Thanks for all your hard work in helping to make RALC the great organization it is. I learned how to use computers by taking classes and coaching, AND I was recently offered a job at H & R Block. How about that? The entire employment application process was totally computerized., so I wouldn’t have been able to get to first base without RALC. “The proof is in the pudding.”


Flo Giltman

Roswell Adult Learning Center is a Tax-Exempt Charity

In December of 2004, Roswell Adult Learning Center received notification that our application to be a tax-exempt charity was accepted. This means that anyone wishing to donate to our organization may now deduct the donation from income taxes. If you would like to make a donation, please contact our Treasurer.

Anyone interested in working to solicit donations, or to identify and apply for grants is encouraged to contact our President.

Volunteer Fringe Benefit!

Looking to improve your computer skills? Interested in coaching or instructing a new course, but don't feel confident about the material? As a RALC volunteer, you are entitled to take any course without charge, as long as there is an opening.

Sign up to volunteer today! Contact Don Hogan


The Index to Guidelines & Procedures is available.

Executive Committee Minutes Available Online

The Executive Committee meeting minutes are available on the Meeting and Minutes page of this Web site.

Volunteer Hours Form

Please use the Volunteer Hours Form to record your volunteer hours and then send (email) them in to Mary Rummell. Mary keeps track of all hours for volunteers at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center. At the end of each month, complete this form and email it. This will ensure that your valuable time is recorded and that we have an accurate record of our volunteer efforts.