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The Roswell Adult Recreation Center takes pride in providing quality fitness programs to promote healthy lifestyles. Ours is a story about people who love to exercise, who see the advantages of warm water pools, who know the benefits of whirlpool therapy and other facility amenities, as well as, the critical need for socializing. Over the years we have seen a tremendous response to Roswell’s fitness program, which has greatly enhanced and enriched the lives of many people in our active recreation community.

The benefits to fitness, warm water therapy and staying active are numerous, such as:

  • Decreased pressure on ankles, muscles, joints and spine;
  • Relaxation of muscles and opportunity for longer exercise periods;
  • Reduced likelihood of dehydration and muscle fatigue leading to injury;
  • Increased cardiovascular activity through hydro-therapy and fitness; and,
  • Reduced exposure to head trauma/injury due to balance and coordination issues.


This year we are starting two exciting fundraising campaigns. The first campaign, “Walkways to Wellness” will get our feet wet by building support for activities at the new therapeutic pool facility. One way to encourage wellness in Roswell is to support our Walkways to Wellness program. Our community-wide effort will sell 16” x 16” centerstones/cornerstones and 8” x 8” paver stones to create an expansive entrance walkway to the pool facility. The centerstones can be engraved with individual, family names or inspirational messages. Extra funds raised will enhance the aquatic facility with a therapeutic whirlpool. Your financial support is critical to reaching our goal for the Walkways to Wellness campaign benefiting the Roswell pool facility project!!

A second campaign, “Waves to Wellness” will be launched in August of 2013. Community donors, local leaders and regional corporations will be asked to support enhancements such as an elevator, aquatic amenities and connectivity to the Roswell Adult Recreation Center. Ask a Board member for details about getting involved. An announcement will be made soon!

We are pleased to announce our Walkways to Wellness partnership. The Roswell Ramblers’ Board has pledged a $1,000 gift to buy a centerstone and a paverstone and the Friends of Roswell Parks’ Board pledged $800 to sponsor a centerstone to kick start the Walkways to Wellness fundraising campaign. Please join us by becoming a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor!


Thank you, in advance for your support.

Bettye Prescott, President


Roswell Ramblers Board


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